On Wednesday, June 9, 2021, Prof Raphael Babatunde Adeniyi of the Department of Physics, University of Ilorin was declared missing.

The professor of Mathematics reportedly went to an ATM machine to withdraw some cash on this fateful day only to disappear without trace.

On June 19,the Professor’s mobile phone was reportedly found at Lafiagi,126km away. This fuelled hopes that the owner of the phone would also be found. However, the hope is gradually dimming as the trail has since turned cold.

One question on every lip is: how could a professor simply disappear?

Although kidnapping and ransom taking has become commonplace, in this case no one has come forward with a ransom demand. This has deepened the mystery.

Another question concerns the general state of insecurity. The following comment was recently posted by some professors on the issue on one of the social media platforms:

[15/08, 13:44] The situation of the missing Prof is worrisome. The seeming silence by [concerned authorities] is a discomfort. Or, maybe we don’t have much information or the information is being managed.

[15/08, 14:54] Even two weeks is a long time not to have any information regarding a man who went to a bank in the neighbourhood. If we had any security apparatus worth the name, something should have come up long before now. On the other hand, whoever hoards information on this kind of matter, and in respect of a prominent figure like a university professor, would be doing the family and the public great disservice. I wish some interested party would mount some pressure so some information could emerge one way or another. I cannot imagine what the family may be going through.

[15/08, 15:34] “Travelling by road is now a serious risk yet it’s not possible or affordable to travel each time by air. What about those kidnapped from their homes? Then, there is now a trend; the police writes unbelievable fictional stories of how they engaged the kidnappers and rescued the victims. Yet, they knew and did nothing towards the release. Are the police working with the kidnappers? This story about no subscription for tracking has been out there since January this year. No officer has been punished yet the renewal of subscription has not been done. The kidnappers who collected 4million will buy more arms and government looks on. More people will be in danger! Is there anything more than protection of lives and properties. Once this is done by government there is hope of prosperity for the people. It is he who is alive that can fight corruption, use railways and airports. Why can’t government get this? Yet they boast of having delivered on their promises. Things are really bad and it’s scary as it appears those leading or is it ruling do not understand the gravity of what they are unleashing on the citizens. Please take a look at insecurity, roads, education, health, economy, polarisation along ethnic and religious lines etc. It’s simply depressing!”

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