Gown in Town: The Demeaning of the Ivory Tower – by Prof. P.O. Olatunji

Prof. P.O. Olatunji, erstwhile head of the Department of Haematology, Olabisi Onabanjo University, gave a valedictory lecture recently at the University.

Titled “Gown in Town: The Demeaning of the Ivory Tower” the lecture narrates Prof Olatunji’s Odyssey in the Ivory Tower, including his stint at the University of Ilorin, and offers a panacea for the malady bedevilling the university system in Nigeria.

Among others, he noted as follows:

While the previous section has dealt with the intrusion of ethnicity,
religion, and politics into the Ivory Tower, we must now look at the
issues of corruption and immorality.It has often been suggested that academics, being part of society,
it is expected that they should reflect the society in which they
exist. It is this type of thinking that has made corruption and
immorality appear ‘normal’ in our universities. The process of
appointment into various offices in our tertiary institutions has been so politicised that by the time the appointment is made, the officer would have already been so compromised that s/he cannot raise a voice against the appointing authority. In other words, truth
cannot be said to power. This includes when s/he is asked to act
in a corrupt manner. …

GOWN IN TOWN2: The Demeaning of the Ivory Tower